Fissur Sealants

Fissur Sealants

The pits on the chewing surfaces of the teeth are called fissures. Fissure caries constitute 80-90% of all bruises seen in children. Although your child has a regular tooth brushing habit, malasef may occur in these deep cavities where brush bristles cannot reach. Fissure sealant application is the process of covering these pits on the chewing surfaces of the teeth that are applied painlessly in a short time without any damage to the tooth.

By closing these deep pits on the chewing surfaces, bacteria are prevented from reaching that area and the formation of caries is stopped. Fissure sealant applications are checked at the times recommended by your pedodontist; It is a very effective protective application that can be repaired when necessary (fracture formation in the face of excessive force such as tooth tightening) and keeps your child decay-free.

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