Uzm. Dt. Miray Aluçlu Yaş

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Uzm. Dt. Miray Aluçlu Yaş

She graduated from Atatürk University Faculty of Dentistry in 2016, which she entered in 2011. She graduated from Erciyes University Faculty of Dentistry, where she was entitled for her specialty training in 2017, with her thesis titled “Clinical Effects of Different Drill Designs on Implant Success” as a Periodontologist. During the residency training, there were cases, studies and completion opportunities on implant, gingival recession, gum treatments, aesthetic smile design, and case presentation opportunities at Turkish Dentistry congresses. She is currently working as a specialist dentist in Private Marka Oral and Dental Health Center.

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Uzm. Dt. Miray Aluçlu Yaş


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